Prayer of the Week



Father, You make a way for us to come to You.

every second of everyday,

You make a way for us to speak to You.

You make a way for us to be saved from death.

You make a way for us to live, really live.

You make a way for us to be forgiven, totally.

You have made that way through a Saviour, 

Jesus Christ.

His death and risen life gives us the way

to the glorious, marvellous, everlasting

Kingdom of God.

Hallelujah for the King of Kings,

Heaven and earths' Beautiful One.

He is our Way, now and forever.





A Message from Our Vicar

All Saints Church, Clipston is a beautiful building. Arguably the most important building in the village it is undoubtedly the oldest and the only grade 1 listed building. However, the building itself is not THE CHURCH. That comprises the people who worship, learn and spend time there. This is something that we are very keen on here. We want as many people as possible to use the buildings, to feel comfortable in the Church and make it a valuable part of the local community.

The full list of services is now on this site and contains details of who is doing the readings and prayers. Anyone wishing to join our list of people who do the readings and/or prepare and present the prayers should contact one of the Churchwardens, Steve or Julian

We hope that this website is useful to you in providing information on what we are about and what we are up to and would welcome your suggestions as to how we can improve the website or what we might do to make the experience of using the Church more pleasurable.


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