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Most recent PCC minutes



Minutes of the meeting held on 1st August 2017 in Julie’s house at 7.30 p.m.


Present: Rev. Angela Hughes – Chair, Steve Carpenter (Sec),  Julie Connell (Hon. Treasurer), Valerie Carpenter,  Alan Skinner, Trevor Lake, , Linda Lake, Faye Tan, Julian Rogers ,Charlotte Alderson-Smith

Prayer: The meeting opened with a prayer

1.    Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held in May and June  were agreed as a true record and signed

2.  Matters arising from minutes:

a)    Grave spaces – it was noted that the meeting with the funeral directors had not yet taken place.

b)    Heras fencing Agreed that a working party deal with this in the near future.

c)    Youth Group – Steve reported that Rob had informed him that he hoped to re-launch the group in September.

d)    Orbell Room keys – Trevor reported that he had removed the lock and it would be possible to re-set the pins and obtain new keys at a total cost of about £100. It was agreed that this be done.


2.    Accounts:

Julie reported a total balance of £48561.81 from the grant monies and £10280.61 in the general account and a further £3045.00 in the fabric fund. It was agreed that the roof alarm invoice now be paid from the grant monies and that a further £2000 parish share be paid.


3.    Shambala

Valerie reported that the event would take place on the August bank holiday weekend and that its future at Kelmarsh for the next 10 years had been agreed. Noted that 3 villages are organising this year.


4.    Maundy event

Julie reported that the event had been successful and had raised some £150


5.    Orbell Café

Valerie reported that approximately £1500 from the profits from the café would be passed over to Julie in the near future



6.  Future events

a)    Steam rally in September – Faye reported that it is hoped to be able to organise another garage sale around that time

b)    Harvest – it was agreed that Rob be approached to see whether the youth group would be interested in organising a harvest breakfast or similar..


7.   First Communions

Following discussion of this item at the June meeting, a lengthy discussion took place. After a vote it was agreed that the decision from the June meeting be endorsed with it being made clear that the age group would be 7 plus, the communion would take place in the Church, restricted to those children who had been baptised and with parents involvement. All voted in favour of this except for Julian who voted against and Steve who abstained.


  1. Rector’s report

Angela reported that she did not know what the meeting expected from her on this item. Another lengthy discussion resulted during which it became clear that there is a need for both Angela and the PCC members to review their situations with regard to what information around Angela’s duties and activities throughout the Benefice it is reasonable and practicable for her to report upon.


  1. Continued giving

Trevor referred to a draft invitation for the event which he had prepared. Some minor alterations were agreed and it was agreed that the invitations be distributed by hand about two weeks before the event. Also agreed to put a short advance notice in the Courier.


10.      Growth action plan

It was agreed that Angela would raise this with the other parishes with a view to establishing a workshop meeting in October. PCC and the congregation to be invited


11.     Deanery Synod

No meeting since the last PCC.


12.     Notice Board

Julie reported that she had spoken with the man who had made the board for the parish council and also the new board at Naseby. He had indicated that it would cost about £750. Agreed that Julie request a firm quote from him and that the secretary write to the Archdeacon asking whether a faculty would be required.


13.     Tree and bench

Angela reported that a relative of a young man buried in the Churchyard had asked for permission to plant a small tree near the grave. We had suggested the alternative of a bench facing the Church and he had responded saying that he would still like to plant a tree but would fund the provision of a bench as well if we are prepared to organise its purchase and installation.


14 . Agendas

Charlotte suggested that future agendas have new, urgent and important items at the top with minutes and matters arising being towards the end. This might ensure that sufficient time is available to give proper consideration to important items. It was agreed that this be tried for the next meeting..



  1. Date of next meetings:

The next meeting will be Tuesday 3rd October at 7.30 at Julies House




            End of meeting: The meeting closed at 9.50 pm