Planned Giving Evening

On 17th September all residents of the village and a few others were invited to a social evening at the Church to see some of the things not normally on display and to hear about the current financial situation. It was an enormously successful evening with more than 50 people attending to see the Church silver, the bell tower, the Church registers and to enjoy some excellent wines and canapés.

The new Archdeacon Richard Ormston introduced the evening and various PCC members explained that we do not receive any income other than what is given by worshipers and benefactors. Steve Carpenter had explained that the church is in urgent need of a new roof to the south Aisle as, every time it rains we have serious amounts of water running down the walls and damaging the valuable and historical interior.

What we desperately need is a regular income from donations and people were encouraged to consider how they might be able to help us in this respect.

Many people expressed surprise that the situations is so serious and we will be making this more well known throughout he newsletter shortly.

It will be interesting to see what impact has been made on planned giving by this recent initiative.