Our Church is at risk from attack by sophisticated thieves who are targeting metal roofs from Churches in this area. Great Brington Church was stripped recently after the thieves used a drone to inspect the roof before the raid. In an ideal world we would have our own defence against such activity with a roof-top alarm system but the cost of such a system is beyond our resources at the moment and we are planning to instal one when and if we get the grant which we are applying for to replace the roof.

In the meantime we are having to put up with heavy influx of water when we get rain and, although the roof is protected with Smartwater, the risk of theft is still very much there. 

Until we get an alarm, our best defence and deterrent is vigilance. Those people who live near the Church are very good at noticing when things are out of the norm - such as lights being left on and doors open. Please feel free to contact me any time on 525441 if you think something untoward is happening. There should be no activity on or around the roof before next Summer. We will give notice when work is scheduled to take place. 

These thieves are said to be very well organised and resemble a proper work team carrying out legitimate work. If you think that a crime is taking place no matter what time it is please contact the Police direct on 999.