The Church Annual Meeting

The Church Annual Meeting took place at 7.30 on Tuesday 21st April in the Orbell Room. There was quite a small attendance and the business of the meeting was concluded relatively quickly. The PCC was re-elected en-bloc and remains as shown in the Who's who section of the website. A major change was that Julian Rogers was elected Churchwarden for the coming year and so we now have two Churchwardens.

Steve Carpenter, the Churchwarden for the past year was also elected and gave a detailed report on the last years activities. It was noted that there had been many events and innovations in that time and there is a great feeling of positivity and expectation for the future.

Steve reported that the bid for a grant for roof repairs had been unsuccessful but the diocese are encouraging us to bid again. The PCC is working on this.

Julie, the treasurer presented her financial report which showed a much healthier position than this time last year. mike Partridge, the independent examiner pointed out that the Church had benefitted from a substantial refund of tax which would not be forthcoming in future years. It is important therefore that planned giving and fund raising are pursued avidly.

it was agreed that the Parish electoral roll should be reviewed and that all regular attendees should be invited to register. Forms are at the rear of the Church so please complete one and hand it to a Churchwarden as soon as possible