House Group - what's it all about?

Regular attenders at the Church will know that a house group has been meeting now for a year. Not everyone will know what a house group is and what we do so this is by way of an introduction and invitation.

The house group is a small group of people who meet regularly, outside the Church to talk about spiritual matters, discuss issues of the day and talk  about what the Bible says to us all.

This may sound as if it is a bit pious and serious but in truth, the meetings are invariably informal, relaxed and enjoyable.

The usual format is that we meet at 7.00 at one of our houses, start with refreshments which usually involves cake!. We discuss what we have been up to during the week and any village issues which have arisen. After a short prayer we will often discuss what the Bible says about a particular subject, led by one of the group and often involving video and music.

We always finish with a prayer and aim to finish at 9.00.

Subject matter varies greatly. For instance at a recent meeting we had a fascinating discussion about why God allows bad things to happen. Everyone is included and all views are valued.

We have been running with an average of six people over the year with some people joining and others having to drop out because of pregnancy or work commitments. One of the key points is that, although people are encouraged to attend regularly, there is no pressure to do so and if you find that it isn't for you then simply don't come back the following week.

We sincerely would like more people to take advantage of these meetings so if you think that it might be for you, even if you don't attend the Church, please contact Steve Carpenter on 525441 and talk about it.