Orbell Coffee shop thriving

The Coffee shop has been open for a month now and is doing rather well!

Open from 9.00 in the morning until noon every Wednesday, we are selling freshly brewed coffee and a selection of cakes, croissants, tea cakes etc. which is proving to be very popular. There are daily papers available and a selection of toys for those people bringing young children with them.

It has been particularly pleasing to see how some people have become regulars and who spend some time talking, reading or just listening. 

It is very comfortable in the OrBell Room now and improvements are continuing. The kitchen is in the process of refurbishment.

Recently we came across some old documents relating to the rebuilding of the bell tower in 1868 and we had these on display two wednesdays ago, They proved to be very popular and we are currently looking at other old documents to make this a regular feature.

Prices are very reasonable as this is not primarily a money-making venture. It is part of the push to encourage as many villagers as possible to think of the Church as a social venue as well as a place of worship.