Queens Birthday celebrations

As with the earlier birthday celebrations in May, the Church was very much involved in the wonderful street party celebrations last week. What a great day it was for the village and what a triumph for those who were involved in the organisation. The weather wasn't perfect but nearly all the village threw themselves into a traditional street party that would have challenged any of those over recent years. 

The whole of the High Street was taken up with tables and chairs and the music provided by the jazz and folk bands enhanced the atmosphere.

Here in the Church we had a morning service which was well attended and in the afternoon, Peter Wilford made some of his local films available. These were well received by over 100 people who took the opportunity to see themselves and people the knew from the past. I was at all the showings and found the beautiful responses from some people absolutely wonderful. It was a pity hat we couldn't record some of the responses from the people watching the films.

I have heard so many people say that we should make the street party an annual event.