For some time now the Church has been planning to launch a new initiative aimed at the young people in and around the village. 

Our view is that the great majority of our young people are great and deserve a much better deal from society than they currently get. The village youth club as been manfully providing a facility for young people over a number of years and this has been much appreciated. We understand that it is proving difficult to replace the current leader of the youth club and so it seems that it may be an opportune time for the Church to implement a plan that we have been discussing for some time.

We are looking to make available the Church facilities and especially the Orbell room for young people to meet regularly and be involved in community activities. These activities could include involvement with the Parish Council as a young peoples representative, involvement with the Courier as a sounding board for young people views, active involvement in visiting lonely and disadvantaged people in the area and liaison on music based activities.

We intend launching these activities with invitations to local young people over the next few weeks.

Leadership on these activities will be crucial and the PCC is anxious to ensure that suitable people are involved at all times.

This will be a Church - led activity and whilst we will not be insisting on Church attendance from young people, it will be clear that Christian ethics and principles are behind what we do..

I f you would like to be involved with this initiative or have ideas or thoughts, please contact Steve Carpenter on 525120