Church roof and maintenance

Although we will not be able to carry out the work on the roof until next Spring/Summer, there are plenty of things going on to line everything up so we can go ahead.

First off we are negotiating with the Diocese over a faculty for the work. A faculty is in effect the replacement for planning approval. As we write the Diocese is considering our application. once approved, we will be able to apply to the grant funding body for the release of 70% of the overall grant which will give us some leeway to undertake works when we are ready.

In the meantime, the recent rain and winds have played havoc with the tarpaulin on the roof. It was only supposed to last six months and has already been there for nearly a year so we would have expected some deterioration. Trevor and Ken went up on the roof recently and adjusted the tarpaulin and so far the rain has stopped coming in. We may need to put down some more polythene but we hope that we will get through until replacement without too much additional cost.

The time is nearly with us when we will need to start using the heating system and there are a few minor leaks which will need to be addressed before then. We are meeting the heating contractors a week on Wednesday to arrange for this to be done.