!!!±±±***** BATS

Well, we managed to get most of the lead removed from the Church without problems until the contractors turned up for work let week and came across a solitary bat on the parapet. They immediately notified us and we in turn notified the ecologist expecting them to come and move the beast safely. Instead, the bat flew off of its own accord and we ended up being threatened with criminal prosecution and even imprisonment because we had not apparently complied fully with the terms of our bat licence which we had paid nearly £3000 for!

Because the bat discovered was of a different species from that specified on the bat licence, we are now having to await an amendment to the licence before we can even go on the roof to complete the works.

This will inevitably result in additional costs and there is a possibility that, should the ecologist not be able to get the amendment quickly, we could miss the window of opportunity to carry out the work before the bats - if indeed there are any - go into hibernation.

So we have a grade 1 listed building open to the elements because of one bat which may not even actually be using the Church as a roost. You may think this defies all common sense and you would not be alone. In the meantime the PCC is doing all it can to expedite the situation.