bats again

We are now in the hands of Natural England over our bat situation and the roof replacement. Following the three bat surveys carried out last month, a report and application has been made to Natural England seeking a licence to undertake the work. It appears that there is just one person handling all these requests over the country and there is a 30 day wait before we hear. If everything goes well we will be granted a licence towards the end of July and work will start in August. If there are any problems we could face another winter before starting the work!

The total cost of the surveys and application will be £2,500 and this is all because of just one bat!

To me this is a national disgrace. I am all for wildlife but really this is the tail wagging the dog and apparently there are many works across the country suffering the same frustrations. 

When we are finally granted a licence we will then have to put up a bat box in the Churchyard and a bat tile (whatever that is) in the roof itself before we start the roof work.