For nearly three years now we have been running a Home Group in Clipston. This is a weekly meeting of people who are interested in spiritual matters and want to learn more about the Bible and what it means to us. The meetings are held every week in one of the group's houses and we take it in turns to lead on topics which are many and varied. The meetings are really informal and start with tea and cake followed by a discussion on what we have been up to during the week. That is followed by a period of study and discussion sometimes involving music and there is always time for prayer.

Membership of the group has changed over time with people opting out when their circumstances change and new people joining. The usual number of people at a group meeting is between 6 and 8 and not all those who come to the meeting regularly are worshippers at the Church.

New members would always be welcome and, should anyone wish to set up another group within the village or elsewhere, we would be happy to advise and recommend how this might be done and even provide some input as a starter.

There is no pressure on anyone to come to every meeting and if you come along and find that it isn't your thing then nobody will think any the worse of you.

Everyone who has been attending for any time has agreed that they have learned a lot and progressed on their spiritual journey through being able to discuss what can often be difficult to understand sections of the Bible with others and share views and interpretations. 

Please consider coming to join us. Contact Steve or Trevor if you would like to discuss this further.