Are You New To Church?

We know that a Church can be an intimidating place to anyone new to it. Often the procedures and rituals can be strange and unfamiliar. These notes are intended to provide you with information to enable you to follow the services and participate as fully as you wish.

When you first enter the Church you will be met by one of the congregation who will welcome you, provide you with the books and service information you need and show you to your seat. If you want we will arrange for someone to sit with you and help you to keep up with where we are and what to do.

The Priest in Charge will tell you what the service is and any special arrangements. There are only 3 or 4 different types of service and they are all quite similar so it is quite easy to get to know them all. Most of our services incorporate Holy Communion, the taking of bread and wine. Often people are confused as to whether they should do this. Communion is reserved for those who are confirmed in the Christian Church but anyone wishing to take part in the Communion element of a service is welcome to come up to the altar with everyone else and take a blessing from the Priest. It is asked that you bring a prayer book or hymn book with you if you wish to receive a blessing.

There are usually 4 hymns sung at a service and the numbers are always shown on the board by the pulpit.

Monetary offerings are usually taken during the third hymn and you will find gift aid envelopes on the pew in front of you which enables us to claim a further 25%.

We always try to be helpful and friendly at services but sometimes there are so many things to be done during the service that we can become distracted. Please be patient with us and feel free to call any of us to discuss any queries you may have.